Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic neuromas are benign tumors of the 8th cranial nerve. Often early symptoms include hearing loss, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), and imbalance. The degree of symptoms varies greatly between patients - some having a predominance of one or another. In fact, greater symptoms usually, but not always, occur based on the size of the tumor. Also, symptoms can vary with some having large tumors and few symptoms and others having small tumors - yet with a great degree of symptoms.

Radiosurgery for acoustic neuromas has been used for about 35 years. Our doctors created a unique program which ahs been remarkable in many ways including the fact that it is used with the lowest biologic dose worldwide and that we fractionate or divide the dose. We use a non-invasive head frame and we have the largest experience worldwide using fractionated radiosurgery for treatment of acoustic neuromas. Our data is reported at national and international meetings and patients seek our treatment from around the world.


The treatment is non-invasive and well tolerated. Treatments are usually delivered on an alternate day basis to improve hearing. Eighty percent of the patients we treat have stable or improved hearing and 20% have less good hearing. Approximately 95% of patients do have some degree of hearing. This is all markedly different than single fractionated radiosurgery or open surgery. We have patients willing to discuss their experience having gone through our program. For those interested, it is best to contact our physicians either directly at 212-CHOICES or 212-246-4237

Think of a plum in a breadbox and imagine the plum is the tumor while the brain is the breadbox. Standard radiation treats the larger breadbox while we isolate the plum for treatment.



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