Before and After Brain Radiosurgery


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The doctors at Radiosurgery New York have the experience and knowledge in the field to help guide the patient. Of course, each person deciding on treatment goes through an intensive Informed Consent Process that describes the risks, benefits and alternatives of therapy. Only after this procedure does the patient make their final, informed decision.

The attractiveness of stereotactic radiosurgery is the precision with which it is delivered, the ability to escalate the dose of radiation and to minimize the volume of healthy tissue that receives the prescribed dose of radiation.

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Linda's Story:

I have a very rare cancer, which was extremely difficult to diagnose. In January 2002 I had a pain in my left side, which got progressively worse.
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Dust Storm :

Brook's living-room, in a suburb of Wakefield, is crammed with mementoes and photographs. She lives here with her husband and a grown-up daughter.
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